RAD140 (SARM) Powder
Shasun Pharma Ltd.
Mumbai, India

RAD140 (SARM) Powder

RAD140 is SARM. RAD-140 has demonstrated potent anabolic activity on muscle and bone in preclinical studies and has completed 28-day preclinical toxicology studies in both rats and monkeys.

Chemical Name: RAD140
Synonyms: RAD140
Cas No.: 1182367-47-0
Specification: 98%
Appearance: White powder

RAD140 SARM is designed to make the hormonal receptors in the tissues of the body act the same way as if they’re getting a good dose of testosterone, setting off the same effects as if you’re cycling with prohormones and anabolic steroids minus unwanted side effects.

Moreover, clinical studies also show that RAD-140 SARM also has a few other benefits.